Joan edukira



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  1. 2015/11/01 5:42

    Very interesting and different from what you normally do. Wonder what this would look like if you chose to shade some of it in. Endless possibilities there, I would think.

    • 2015/11/01 18:52

      Your comments are very interesting and I will try to think about them! (actually, I already think about them).
      Refering to my last drawing, I just returned to an ancient practice, the automatic drawing.
      I think that far back in my blog, there are tonnales versions and even in color as you suggest.
      I am pleasantly surprised that these works succited interest for you. Unfortunately, actually, abstract art is devalued…
      For my part, I observe that you enjoy a risky practice of color you solve with much certitude.
      (I am sorry but my english is very poor).

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