Joan edukira



There is a Basque proverb that says: Basque, beret on your head and walk around the world.
I do not remember the exact origin of that proverb, but it reminds us of the tendency of our people to travel.
Trend that continues, but in a different way.
For more than two years already, I started this practice intensively. One brother imprisoned in France and another in England, not to mention our cousin trapped in the Spanish camps for 14 years. And friends who have already completed their 35th, and our neighbors, and children of our friends and our neighbors. And long before us, our grandparents. It’s almost an entire people. No, it’s a whole people.
A staggering number of detentions, torture victims, victims of the violence, sometimes subtle and often brutal, perpetuating a proverb that should probably symbolize the quest for freedom instead of a lost tradition.

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