Joan edukira



More drawings for the comic’s project.

When German planes bombed Gernika, in 1937 it was difficult to understand we were witnessing a new kind of war.

It was the first time in European history that a city ,where there were no more than disarmed civilians was bombed and fired with aircraft. With this new instrument of war, with the air force, the civil population became the main target.

The Basque population of the martyred city of Gernika had the sad honor of being the first one in Europe.

Spain, with the benevolence of its western allies, named itself democratic overnight.

Spain started to play in the big league. Nobody was going to look at what was happening inside the European Union, the franquism had died of natural death, the dictatorial machine had become democratic by art of magic and this little problem with Basque was going to be easily solved.

“It’s going to happen with not too many contradictions” Spanish emissaries must be whispering in the ears of European representatives.

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  1. Untxin permalink
    2011/05/30 22:45

    J’espère que ce projet aboutira, tes planches sont superbes. Muxu

  2. 2011/05/31 6:53

    Milesker andereño! Ce sont des fragments de la seconde planche.

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