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“Gernikan” by the group Kenzazpi.


Durango is an historic town in Biscay, which suffered in particular from effects of rebel air raids. The Bombing of Durango was the first attack in Europe against civilians, just before the Guernika’s one. On 31 March 1937, after the failure of the rebels in their offensive on Alcarreñas, the attack planned by General Franco to put an end to the northern front began. In order to do this, it was decided that all available firepower be used, as much from the air as the ground, with the objective of undermining the Basque’s morale and to cause maximum damage to the town’s population, with no distinction between civilians or soldiers. On the same day Durango’s population suffered a terrible attack, which according to sources, was led by Italian planes. The death toll reached at least 353 people, although more later died from injuries. In the chapel of Santa Susana alone, fourteen nuns died, and in the church of Santa María, bombs killed the priest who was celebrating mass, Father Morilla, as well as numerous parishioners. Although Durango possessed a significant arms factory, it seems that the objective was nothing other than to terrorise the civil population of the rearguard, which forms a new element in modern military tactics already employed against Madrid and other cities in the South. During the following days, three successive attacks on the town left the factory intact, but caused yet more civilian deaths.


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