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Last week, four more youngsters were arrested and tortured.
This is what newspapers reported this morning.
I’d like to tell less sordid stories.
I might talk about a less disturbing reality and paint intense and pleasant horizons, but it seems unbearably difficult.
They were young people from our neighborhood.
Maybe, like me, others have also witnessed the scene while they were taking their children to school : the patrol jeeps of the Civil Guard blocked the street the morning of their arrest. And then, as expected on these days, we all have been able to imagine the rest. Faithful to the script.
And we have guessed the brutal following. The “dogs” trained us well.

It’s my birthday today, and my oldest son (who gets up very early) came to wake me up and, as a gift, he read me the first two pages of the diary he has begun to write:
“We had the comparsas parade yesterday and I had quite a lot of fun. I also had time to finish the drawing and the letter for my uncle, and dad told me he would teach me how to paint in watercolor to end it…”

The first words from my son’s diary…

Isn’t it lovely?

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  1. Ana permalink
    2011/03/07 19:47

    …better than “youths”, “youngsters”…
    …really hard…as usual,unfortunately…

  2. Nicoletta permalink
    2011/03/21 17:06

    it’s lovely, really! Besarkada hundi bat a los dos artistas de la casa

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