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“Judge Santiago Pedraz has asked the state security forces, reports and television recordings of the demonstration on Saturday in Bilbo in defense of the rights of Basque political prisoners.
A day after the prosecution sought to the Spanish National Court to act against the promoters and organizers of the demonstration held in Bilbao on Saturday, Judge Santiago Pedraz has assumed the opportunity and asked the Ertzaintza, Spanish police and Guardia Civil “for an exhaustive report” about the invitation and the development of the act.
In addition, the court at the request of the Prosecutor, has also asked the broadcaster ETB (Basque T.V.) and other state media to provide reports about the development of the demonstration…
… To the request of the Prosecutor’s Office was joined yesterday a complaint from the AVT, and today another from the right-wing association Dignity and Justice.”

Click here to see the original article in spanish.

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