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Blow has fallen !
Here I am, needing to write this special letter.
Today, I am writing to you because I need to explain you not only my sadness, worry, fear, but also my determination and will for fighting.
It’s time to strongly stand up for our civil and political rights ; this precedent won’t be any good.
Should we accept it or not? Of course, we shouldn’t! The history of the Basque Country has often showed us it could be unacceptable: extraditions, hundreds of questionings becoming euro-orders against Basque political militants (Segi, Askatasuna, Udalbiltza,…), legislation and the nature of special tribunals in Paris and Madrid, the use of torture at Spanish police stations, the prohibition against some political parties, mass arrests, the disappearance and death of Jon Anza, … All this is usual; repression has become normal… These are situations the Basque Country and the Basques have to face every day. And all this is possible because Spanish and French main political parties are witness , accomplice and, sometimes, even, silent defenders. It’s time for us to be responsible !
The result taken from the Appeal Court doesn’t surprise me. We already knew that Spanish and French justice’s role in Basque matters was just to take political decisions. Since they brought me to Seysses’s prison, everything was at stake, and the rest was nothing but appearance , a nice masquerade. In order to get the aim wanted, Batasuna and left wing nationalist parties will be prohibited forever by the French state, and even more if they think so. A dark banning, with the help of Spain.
Once again, it’s clear French state takes direct part in the Basque conflict.
By means of euro-orders, what Paris is doing is just confirming political candidates: repression and denial against the Basque Country, a denial which is at the base of the problem. And there won’t be any fair solution if France doesn’t accept North Basque Country’s nature.
This repressive step is taking place while left wing nationalists are working to solve the conflict by means and in favour of democratic solutions. But euro-orders against me and keeping left wing nationalists illegal are nothing else but obstacles. Every agent in the conflict should take part in the process in a normal way, and in the same sense, nationalists should be legalized and all this process against Basque Country left apart.
In spite of repression and provocations, Batasuna confirm our commitment in favour of a democratic process, and we’ll do as much as possible for it.
I won’t leave myself in hands of this Spanish order and, of course, I won’t make France easy the application of the European one. My life has sensibly changed on the last days. I mustn’t take part in political events in France, Spain or Basque Country. I haven’t got any other choice, if I want to go on working for Batasuna. I’ve decided to give up judicial control and so, I won’t show myself in public. I’m in the Basque Country, among you, thanks to you and those who have opened your doors to me, so many friends and supporters. There’s a value in the Basque Country they will never be able to rob us: solidarity.
Thanks everybody, family, close friends militants, elects… because of the work you’ve done. Without you, nothing could have been possible. Go on working, get together, let’s make it possible a political knowledge of North Basque Country.
To finish with this letter, I want to ask you for something: keep in mind every militant in prison, every runaway, and of course their families because they will celebrate the end of the year very far from them.
Thanks a lot.

Aurore Martin, December the 20th 2010.

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